Physical Therapy

At Kutest Kids we diagnose, treat, and manage developmental and gross motor delays in infants and small children. The treatment plan focuses on improving gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and strength and endurance, so that the child can engage in age-appropriate activities and self-play. In addition to the therapy services provided, physical therapists will introduce parents to resources and further reading, and help make decisions regarding adaptive equipment when and if needed.

The purpose of this email is to compliment Megan (Kutest Kids Speech therapist) for her hard work and dedication to my son, AJ. Though she only gets one hour a week with my son, she is dedicated to him and his progress.
My daughter, G. is receiving several different therapies. I am very happy with the services she’s receiving. The therapists are very friendly and very professional. We especially like Kim (Kutest Kids Special Instructor) because she has a lot of great strategies and techniques.
I wanted to express my gratitude to a certain, special (Kutest Kids) speech therapist named Yiscah. She is no longer with our family but I am ok with that because she has left us with many memories that are so positive for my son. I saw such a glow and happiness in my almost 3 year old son.

Speech Therapy

Few things are more frustrating to a child than the inability to properly communicate. Our speech and language pathologists evaluate and treat small children with speech, language, and feeding challenges. Collaborating with the family, they utilize the best exercises and techniques to help improve the child’s expressive and receptive communication skills, and strengthen oral motor abilities. Our  speech therapists always provide parents with the latest up to date information and studies, and when necessary, assist in obtaining assistive technology.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy hones in on the fine motor and sensory motor skills needed for activities of daily living such as dressing, hygiene, and self feeding.

Our occupational therapists engage in activities with the child to encourage independent function, and develop and strengthen self help skills and provide the resources needed for playing, learning, and thriving.

Special Instruction

Energetic and engaging special instructors address the child’s overall growth and progress, and structure appropriate learning and developmental goals. With a focus on improving play skills, behavioral issues, social interactions, cognitive development, motor skills, and language, they will coordinate with the parents and other professionals to ensure that the child is benefiting from all the resources and programs available.

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