Visual Motor Skills and Your Child’s Development

As soon as your baby is able to sit up on his own, she begins to manipulate objects in constructive ways, coordinating visual messages and hand motions to achieve a desired result. For example, she shakes a rattle to achieve noise, bangs toys together, places objects into a container, and (uh-oh!) just loves to dump [...]

Your Preschooler and Reading Readiness

At the ages of three to five, preschoolers are developing a set of skills and sub skills that lay the foundation for later reading and writing. Just like a child must hold a crayon and scribble before he can write his name, your preschooler must learn some important basics before he can read, write, and [...]

Explaining the Inexplicable: When Adults Behave Badly

We all have those moments. Whether on TV or in real life, our children at some point are exposed to an adult acting in a way he or she shouldn’t. Be it violent outbursts or other improprieties, we, the parents, are left with a dilemma. How do I explain this to my child? Before I [...]

A Wealth of Health

Toddlers and preschoolers do not have the self control that adults have. When given a selection of foods, they don’t think “Hmmm…which is the healthiest option?” No. If anything snack-ish and sugary is within reach, the healthy choices don’t stand a chance.  That’s why it’s important to limit visual options. For most of the day, [...]

Help! I’m a Toddler Trapped in a Grown-Up World!

A client of mine, Alice*, had a frustrating experience recently. She took her two children-aged 1 and 2, Ryan and James, to the nail salon. These boys are zesty and active under any circumstances, not exactly the sit-and-watch-mom’s manicure type. But Alice and her mom had a “girl time” date planned, and with no child [...]

Imagination’s Treasure Chest: Your Child’s Dress Up Box

I’ve often discussed the importance of pretend play in this blog. Pretend play builds creativity and imagination, as well as schematic thinking and concept comprehension. These processes enrich your child’s development and help foster the reader and writer developing within him. One great way to encourage pretend play is to have a veritable treasure chest: [...]

Screen Time for Children: How Much is Too Much?

What is screen time?   Why is it so important?  Does it affect my child’s development?   There are so many wonderful programs for children now, aren’t they great? Let’s try and look at the screen time issue from many perspectives. What is screen-time? Screen time is the time spent watching TV, DVD’s, computers, hand held video [...]

Descriptive Language Skills for Toddlers

The first language skills your child develops are pragmatic skills. These are skills needed to get what he needs. Having words like “Mama,” “Dada,” and “Juice” in his vocabulary allows your little one to communicate his needs with his caretaker. If your baby spends a lot of time with other children, words like “Stop” and [...]

Does Your Infant Like Tummy Time? Is it Really Important?

Some mothers say, regarding their infants, “Yes! Tummy time is fun, no problem”. Some say, “No, my baby cries!  He hates being on his tummy.” Why the difference? Why do some like it and some not?   All babies are different, each has his/her internal system of likes and dislikes. But why is it so important [...]

Always on the Go? The Over Active Baby

Remember when you were pregnant and first felt the flutter of your unborn baby’s kicks? It was the most amazing thrill. As time went on, and you were constantly sensing the tumble and twist going on behind your belly, you thought, “Hmmm…a very active one.” Chances are, your baby was no more active than average [...]