Newborn Milestones

If you are a new mother, chances are you are more worried about getting enough sleep than about whether your baby is meeting his or her first milestones. The first few weeks and months of baby’s life can be tough for both infants and moms. Especially if this is your first child, you may feel [...]

How to Promote Physical Exercise for Young Children

Most people, even educators say that motor skills develop naturally in children, they don’t need instruction, but studies show that this is not true. If children don’t learn the basic motor skills like running, catching, throwing, and kicking they won’t participate in sports or exercise. They will struggle on playgrounds and athletic fields. That means [...]

Why Exercise Is So Important for Young Children

Why is exercise so important for young children? Young children love to move around. They have an over-abundance of energy. They are active. They are moving, running, jumping, wiggling almost all of the time. Why is it so important to harness this power, to reinforce their innate drive to move throughout their lifetime? Why is [...]

Big Changes, Little People

Right now is one of those crazy times in life where lots of big changes are happening at once. We’re moving to a new home, having a new baby, and my husband is starting a new job. Whew! It’s hard for my kids to wrap their heads around all these things. They pepper me with [...]

Articulation Challenges

Many children that are beginning to talk are incredibly easy to understand…by their parents. Anyone from outside the family has difficulty making out what your child has to say. This is very normal for emerging communication, from the ages of 1-3. By the age of three if your child is not talking, putting words together, [...]

Child’s Play: An Inside Look

Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers spend much of their time playing. But while this may seem to be just a childish way to pass the time, little ones at play are building skills that are essential foundations for later learning. For example, a 3-month old mouthing a toy is developing neurons that are the “bridges” connecting [...]

Auditory Processing: When the Going Gets Tough

There’s a beautiful little girl I work with named Dinah*. Small and delicate as a flower, she is hesitant in everything she does. Dinah is the youngest child and is “babied” by her older siblings. When I first began working with the family, Dinah wasn’t saying any words. Mom reported frequent tantrums and crying fits, [...]

Baby’s Brain: How Cognitive Skills Develop

When you brought your newborn home from the hospital, he was a tiny helpless scrap. You held him tenderly, and loved him with all your heart, but at the same time, you wondered when he would turn into a rosy-cheeked, cooing cherub you had dreamed of. No need to worry. Infants develop amazingly quickly, growing [...]

The 3 R’s of Language Learning

One of the biggest milestones in the life of your infant or toddler is the development of language skills. This is a necessary foundation for later learning, because almost all learning and teaching takes place through language. Mastery of language skills and a strong vocabulary are what will help your child succeed in preschool and [...]

Critical Thinking for Preschoolers

Your preschool child has mastered language as a communication tool. He can speak in full sentences, and is beginning to explore the joys of language communication. He can understand and retell a story from his own life, or from a book. He can ask and answer questions, recall information, and apply information to new situations. [...]