Great Mistakes

Spilled milk. Mismatched socks. Incorrectly completed homework. From the time they are very young, children begin making mistakes. As a parent, you know what that means: messes, chaos, and a host of other inconveniences. If you are like many parents, you’d rather not deal with the ramifications of your child’s mistakes. You take on the [...]

Holidays and Autism: What You Should Know

Just because your child has autism, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing holiday together. Great times lay ahead, and it all begins in your own mind. You, as the parent, set the tone for the holidays with your expectations, preparations, and priorities. Beautiful moments don’t always make themselves, but with a bit of [...]

New Moms, Your Baby Needs Your Touch!

You couldn’t resist touching your baby if you tried! After all, she’s warm and deliciously cuddly and her newborn skin is softer than the silkiest scarf. But did you know you also need to touch your baby? The skin-to-skin contact between newborn and Mom is not only good for her, its goof for you—and it [...]

Work Smarter Not Harder: The Fifteen-Minute Mom

Kids are busy little people. They like to do things, and not just the same old, hum-drum, thinga-ma-bob they were doing five minutes ago. Proactive in this quest, your little person will get up and find something novel to get busy with. Activities abound in your pantry (is that the pasta again?!), in the bathroom [...]

Tots, Toys, and Teethers

Your baby puts everything in her mouth; fingers, toes, and toys, even the little bits of lint that she finds on the floor…ew! It’s natural to find this practice disgusting, and many parents constantly worry about germs and choking. When your baby begins crawling it only gets worse…she can now access just about everything on [...]

Children of Mother Nature

Children are little scientists at heart. They love to explore the world around them, and their curiosity is boundless. With the great outdoors as their classroom, learning is simple, seamless, and almost intuitive. When a child is outside, s/he can touch, taste, smell, hear, and see the world around him. All of the senses are [...]

Beyond “Red Fish, Blue Fish”

For children who are developing an understanding of the world and the way it works, learning to recognize colors is just a part of becoming familiar with the many detailed elements of life. By the age of 18 months, most babies can recognize and differentiate between colors. By 36 months, your child should be able [...]

When Story Time is a Struggle

Many parents want to read with their children, but they find it too stressful, frustrating, or altogether impossible. A parent named Molly confided to me that reading routines with her 18-month old sweetie, Isabelle, are practically nonexistent. “She just won’t sit and listen to a book.” Molly groaned. “If I try to read to her [...]

Get Down and Play!

Do you play with your child? While playtime with an adult is not as much of an existential need as nourishment, attention, and physical touch, it IS a precious opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Playtime presents many ways to help your child develop foundational social skills, develop critical thinking, and enhance language. Play [...]

Spoiler Alert!

Almost every family has one; the adult who just can’t tell a child “no.” Often an individual with a soft spot for children, the spoiler caves on demand and allows himself or herself to be easily manipulated by the child’s whims. The spoiler enjoys pampering, has trouble setting limits, and is instantly overwhelmed by the [...]