Top Toys For Self-Help Skills

Infants and toddlers are developing what we call adaptive skills or self-help skills. This developmental domain encompasses a great variety of skill subsets. Within this area, children learn to self-feed first with fingers and then a utensil, learn to dress and undress, as well as toilet training, brushing teeth, and helping with overall hygiene. In [...]

Top Toys for Fine Motor Development

It’s hard to believe its that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, and the stores are piled high with colorful, attractive toy displays. During the holiday season, I try to give parents a little guidance for making gift purchases. I figure if they’re spending the money already, they may as well get [...]

Why Exercise Is So Important for Young Children

Why is exercise so important for young children? Young children love to move around. They have an over-abundance of energy. They are active. They are moving, running, jumping, wiggling almost all of the time. Why is it so important to harness this power, to reinforce their innate drive to move throughout their lifetime? Why is [...]

Big Changes, Little People

Right now is one of those crazy times in life where lots of big changes are happening at once. We’re moving to a new home, having a new baby, and my husband is starting a new job. Whew! It’s hard for my kids to wrap their heads around all these things. They pepper me with [...]

Articulation Challenges

Many children that are beginning to talk are incredibly easy to understand…by their parents. Anyone from outside the family has difficulty making out what your child has to say. This is very normal for emerging communication, from the ages of 1-3. By the age of three if your child is not talking, putting words together, [...]

Auditory Processing: When the Going Gets Tough

There’s a beautiful little girl I work with named Dinah*. Small and delicate as a flower, she is hesitant in everything she does. Dinah is the youngest child and is “babied” by her older siblings. When I first began working with the family, Dinah wasn’t saying any words. Mom reported frequent tantrums and crying fits, [...]

The 3 R’s of Language Learning

One of the biggest milestones in the life of your infant or toddler is the development of language skills. This is a necessary foundation for later learning, because almost all learning and teaching takes place through language. Mastery of language skills and a strong vocabulary are what will help your child succeed in preschool and [...]

Visual Motor Skills and Your Child’s Development

As soon as your baby is able to sit up on his own, she begins to manipulate objects in constructive ways, coordinating visual messages and hand motions to achieve a desired result. For example, she shakes a rattle to achieve noise, bangs toys together, places objects into a container, and (uh-oh!) just loves to dump [...]

Your Preschooler and Reading Readiness

At the ages of three to five, preschoolers are developing a set of skills and sub skills that lay the foundation for later reading and writing. Just like a child must hold a crayon and scribble before he can write his name, your preschooler must learn some important basics before he can read, write, and [...]

Descriptive Language Skills for Toddlers

The first language skills your child develops are pragmatic skills. These are skills needed to get what he needs. Having words like “Mama,” “Dada,” and “Juice” in his vocabulary allows your little one to communicate his needs with his caretaker. If your baby spends a lot of time with other children, words like “Stop” and [...]