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Staying Home, Staying Positive

Although being a stay-at-home Mom is naturally rewarding, it has its challenges too. One of those challenges, perhaps the biggest challenge of all, is winter. Because as much as you love your infant or toddler, you probably don’t love being cooped up together, all day, every day. It’s hard to get out in the cold. [...]

The Demanding Child

The demanding child. Almost every family has one. Very often the eldest in the family, but not always, the demanding child makes you want to tear your hair out. I’ll never forget that phase in time (it seemed to last forever) when my two-year-old son would wail “Caaaarrry me! Caaaarrry me!” demanding to be held [...]

Holiday Bonkers | When Sensory Processing Disorder and the Holidays Collide

For most of us, it’s a happy time of year. The holidays bring joy, draw families together, and create lasting memories for your children. But for children with sensory processing disorder, these fun-filled times can be a living nightmare. Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding [...]

Living With Difficult People

Have you ever had an annoying roommate or coworker? Difficult people have habits that just drive you nuts. They throw their socks on the floor, chew too loud, stand too close when they’re talking to you, or just say all the wrong things at the wrong times. Everyone has had a time when they had [...]

Top Toys For Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the ones most often taken for granted by parents. Everyone assumes the baby will just “learn” to sit, crawl, and walk in a natural way without much assistance. This is true for many infants and toddlers, who reach their milestones without much attention or fanfare at all. Still, others need additional [...]

Top Toys to Boost Cognitive Skills

Before your baby is born, you probably spent a good deal of time wondering about the future. Will your baby be a girl or a boy? What color hair/eyes/ skin will s/he have? And most of all, will s/he be “smart”? All parents want their baby to be smart. And the infant product market is [...]

Top Toys For Self-Help Skills

Infants and toddlers are developing what we call adaptive skills or self-help skills. This developmental domain encompasses a great variety of skill subsets. Within this area, children learn to self-feed first with fingers and then a utensil, learn to dress and undress, as well as toilet training, brushing teeth, and helping with overall hygiene. In [...]

Top Toys for Fine Motor Development

It’s hard to believe its that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, and the stores are piled high with colorful, attractive toy displays. During the holiday season, I try to give parents a little guidance for making gift purchases. I figure if they’re spending the money already, they may as well get [...]

Peace of Mind for Parents | Part 2 Reality Parenting

Last week we talked about how stressful it can be to raise kids. Things like sending them off to school in the morning, getting through the homework hassle, mealtimes, and family gatherings can all create stressful situations for the parent. I laid out how Fantasy Parenting can be the source of this problem. With fantasy [...]

Peace of Mind for Parents | Part 1 Fantasy Parenting

One of the main life changes that happen with parenthood is the addition of a boatload of stress. This pressure is added because you now have the additional responsibility for the welfare of your child. Right from infancy you worry about our baby’s health and development. You are anxious about keeping her safe. As your [...]