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4 Reasons Why Your Child May Not Be Talking

Whenever I begin home visits for early intervention with a new child, the parents often pepper me with questions. Is this normal? Why isn’t my child talking? Does this mean something is wrong with him/her? Will s/he have a successful future? It is understandable that parents feel overwhelmed when their child has a language delay. [...]

Home Remedies for Developmental Issues

Everyone has at least one of “that kind” of a friend. The home remedies type. The one who tells you to cook up a stew of elderberry tea and lemon juice when you have a cold. And put garlic in your baby’s ear to prevent ear infections. Well, if you think you’re about to get [...]

Let Freedom Ring

During a patriotic week, I’d like to bring up the topic of freedom. And the fact that with it, kids can do great things. We all want our children to succeed. We want our toddlers to obey rules without tantrums. We want our preschoolers to get along and share. And we want our school-aged children [...]

The Price of Parenthood

Two weeks ago I attended a team meeting for a family that receives early intervention services. Their little girl, Donna, gets individual instruction with me each week. As the meeting was concluding, a team member asked Donna’s mom if she was looking forward to the holidays. “Not at all,” Donna’s mother replied frankly. “I can’t [...]

Four Signs of a Great Early Intervention Therapist

If your child receives services in Philadelphia’s 0-3 early intervention system, you are entitled to therapy that is family based, located in the child’s natural environment, and culturally respectful. And, as any parent would, you want and deserve the best for your child; a therapist that excels in his or her field. So what makes [...]

The Power of Parental Approval

As a parent, you often struggle to motivate your child. You wonder: How do I get him/her to work harder, to behave, to listen to my directions? You use charts and prizes and treats to motivate your child. But what you probably underestimate is how much your child wants your approval. Your support alone is [...]

Staying Home, Staying Positive

Although being a stay-at-home Mom is naturally rewarding, it has its challenges too. One of those challenges, perhaps the biggest challenge of all, is winter. Because as much as you love your infant or toddler, you probably don’t love being cooped up together, all day, every day. It’s hard to get out in the cold. [...]

The Demanding Child

The demanding child. Almost every family has one. Very often the eldest in the family, but not always, the demanding child makes you want to tear your hair out. I’ll never forget that phase in time (it seemed to last forever) when my two-year-old son would wail “Caaaarrry me! Caaaarrry me!” demanding to be held [...]

Holiday Bonkers | When Sensory Processing Disorder and the Holidays Collide

For most of us, it’s a happy time of year. The holidays bring joy, draw families together, and create lasting memories for your children. But for children with sensory processing disorder, these fun-filled times can be a living nightmare. Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding [...]

Living With Difficult People

Have you ever had an annoying roommate or coworker? Difficult people have habits that just drive you nuts. They throw their socks on the floor, chew too loud, stand too close when they’re talking to you, or just say all the wrong things at the wrong times. Everyone has had a time when they had [...]