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At Kutest Kids Early Intervention, we care
about your child’s potential.

As a parent, you want the very best for your children, and we consider it an honor and a privilege
to play a part in your child’s physical and emotional development. Although every child
is an individual, and will develop at his/her own pace, access to the very best help and
resources from the get-go paves the way for the brightest possible future, and the best
chances of success.

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Kutest Patient Stories

My daughter, G. is receiving several different therapies. I am very
happy with the services she’s receiving. The therapists are very
friendly and very professional. We especially like Kim (Kutest Kids
Special Instructor) because she has a lot of great strategies and
techniques and has helped G. make a lot of progress.
My daughter was 8 weeks premature so I have a physical therapist coming weekly to make sure she doesn’t get behind. Her name is Kripa and she is wonderful. She is so great with my daughter and she absolutely loves her. We definitely look forward to our weekly visits. Kripa makes it feel more like play time than anything else. I would absolutely recommend this place.
Loved when my oldest son was in this program his speech therapist was the nicest ever. I still keep in touch with Ms. Gwen from time to time trying to get my younger son in for his speech.

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Top Toys For Self-Help Skills

Infants and toddlers are developing what we call adaptive skills or self-help skills. This developmental domain encompasses a great variety of skill subsets. Within this area, children learn to self-feed first with fingers and then a utensil, learn to dress and undress, as well as toilet training, brushing teeth, and [...]

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