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At Kutest Kids Early Intervention, we care
about your child’s potential.

As a parent, you want the very best for your children, and we consider it an honor and a privilege
to play a part in your child’s physical and emotional development. Although every child
is an individual, and will develop at his/her own pace, access to the very best help and
resources from the get-go paves the way for the brightest possible future, and the best
chances of success.

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Kutest Patient Stories

My daughter, G. is receiving several different therapies. I am very
happy with the services she’s receiving. The therapists are very
friendly and very professional. We especially like Kim (Kutest Kids
Special Instructor) because she has a lot of great strategies and
techniques and has helped G. make a lot of progress.
My daughter was 8 weeks premature so I have a physical therapist coming weekly to make sure she doesn’t get behind. Her name is Kripa and she is wonderful. She is so great with my daughter and she absolutely loves her. We definitely look forward to our weekly visits. Kripa makes it feel more like play time than anything else. I would absolutely recommend this place.
Loved when my oldest son was in this program his speech therapist was the nicest ever. I still keep in touch with Ms. Gwen from time to time trying to get my younger son in for his speech.

Recent News

The Thera-List

The Thera-List What EI is (and isn’t!)    Yes, you want what’s best for your child. And if that means EI therapy, of course you’re on board. But--just admit it-- you feel kind of strange welcoming a complete stranger into your house.    It doesn’t help matters that your therapist [...]

Terrible Tantrums (and Sanity-Saving Strategies)

It’s 9:45 AM and your speech-language pathologist is here for your toddler’s session. She steps through the door, cheerful and smiling, ready to chat with you about your child’s routines and progress. Your toddler is busy watching BabyFirst and barely even notices that her therapist has arrived.  You reach for the remote [...]

5 Touchable Toys

She’ll only eat her pasta plain. He’ll wear his sweater IF you rip out the labels. She’s constantly pulling off her socks. Sound familiar? Children with sensory differences can be highly sensitive when it comes to touch. They may crave exposure to certain textures, and avoid others. Finding the right [...]

The Art of Learning

Chances are your child is the sun, moon, and stars to you. Every milestone she reaches is cause for celebration. Every accomplishment is the sign of a brilliant future. Her block towers indicate a budding architect. Her scribbles show all the signs of the next Picasso. You know this kid [...]

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